While Trump Economy Booms, Trudeau Destroying Canada’s Small Businesses!

While Trump focuses on Tax Cuts across the board, Canadian Prime Minister and globalist Justin Trudeau, unapologetically has hiked up the taxes on small businesses.

Trudeau seems more hellbent on moving Canada towards socialism, rather than actually doing anything to help his own people.

From The Daily Caller

Despite the growing public outcry over tax proposals that many perceive as just another tax grab, Trudeau insists he’s helping the middle-class by eliminating tax breaks that he says only help the rich.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Friday, Trudeau told reporters that his tax proposals will close loopholes used by wealthy businesses — although small businesses are increasingly using these tax shelters and are crying foul very loudly.

“We’re doing more for the people who need it and doing less for the people who don’t,” Trudeau said, suggesting that his government represents the middle class.

“I will make no apologies for this approach.”

But Trudeau is at least admitting the changes are proving unpopular and saying he is listening.

“I’m hearing feedback from Canadians that want to make sure that this does help the middle class…. I’m happy to have discussions and feedback from interested Canadians who want to make our tax code fairer and we’re going to take all of those reflections into account.”

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