Harassed by Antifa, Candace Owens RIPS Acosta for Whining over Being Booed

For the past two years, CNN’s Jim Acosta has aggressively covered the Trump presidency, and has clashed repeatedly with members of the administration, arguing over policies and turning many a White House press briefing into a heated fracas.

Acosta has, like several other mainstream media reporters, earned the direct scorn of the president, himself, who has criticized the press for their resoundingly negative coverage, and has been directly called out for his often theatrical behavior.

Recently, while covering a rally at which President Trump spoke, Acosta was jovially “booed” by Trump supporters in attendance, who chanted “CNN sucks” as he nervously looked on.

While Acosta did point out that Trump supporters also welcomed him, speaking with him and taking pictures amicably, he earned backlash from conservative pundits for discussing his “fears” of the crowd, even going so far as to speculate that his life may have been “in danger.”

Conservative speaker Candace Owens, who was assaulted at a cafe by Antifa protesters earlier in the week, shared her own thoughts on the matter, stating “Jim Acosta was taking pictures and loving it. Okay? We were not taking pictures with Antifa after this. They wanted to harm us.”

Owens continued, stating, “Jim Acosta was aware that this was a friendly chant, if you will. Because if he wasn’t aware, he wouldn’t have gotten down and taken pictures with the protesters,” adding, “I would never want what happened to me to happen to Jim Acosta.”


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