Leftist Mob Harasses Conservative Pundits Having Breakfast

Earlier in the summer, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters publicly urged liberals across the country to use mob tactics in order to confront and harass Trump supporters, as well as anyone working with his administration.

Almost immediately, denizens of the streets heeded Waters’ calls, and quickly began swarming Trump officials and supporters with extreme hostility, including several violent incidents.

On Monday morning, conservative pundits Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were in Philadelphia, and decided to get breakfast in a small cafe, however, far-left protest group Antifa swarmed the two, creating a tense scene that required police intervention.

When the police arrived, Antifa members began cursing at and threatening them, as well, and accused law enforcement of “racism” without hesitation.

However, Owens, who is African American, pointed out that the Antifa protest group was comprised virtually of all whites, and when confronted by a police force that was mostly black and hispanic, quickly accused THEM of being racists.

Kirk also chimed in, crediting the assault to Maxine Waters, who he said “called for this,” and urged caution, stating, “Conservatives aren’t safe.”

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