Liberal Pundit Has to Admit Trump Economy is Booming!

Virtually immediately after his inauguration, President Trump set to work implementing his “America First” agenda by focusing on overhauling the badly damaged US economy.

Now, as Trump enters the halfway point of his four-year term in office, his pro-business policies are clearly making a dramatic impact on America’s economy.

Predictably, the left has eschewed attributing any credit for the booming economy to President Trump, and instead, has chosen to heap praise on his predecessor, Barack Obama, despite being unable to provide any clear reasoning for doing so.

Recently, Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Sean Hannity discussed the thriving US economy with liberal guest, Jessica Tarlov, who actually DID give President Trump SOME credit for the country’s economic successes, but quickly attempted to backtrack!

You might never see this honesty from a leftist pundit again so enjoy!


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