Now that Alex Jones has Been Silenced, De Blasio Wants Fox News Gone

Earlier in the week, pundit Alex Jones of InfoWars was permanently banned from several prominent social media sites – a decision which has drawn fierce criticism from his peers on all ends of the political spectrum.

Since the election of President Trump, several conservative speakers have spoken of bias coming from the traditionally left-leaning social media websites, and have complained of arbitrary censorship at an increasing rate.

While the left is quick to denounce such claims, since the banning of Alex Jones, some liberals have pushed for Fox News to suffer the same fate, including New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Recently, Mayor de Blasio blamed the election of President Trump on Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp empire – including Fox News – which the NYC Mayor said was responsible for “a lot of the negativity and divisiveness we’re going through right now.”

“If you could remove News Corp from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place,” said de Blasio, who slammed Trump as “a president who does not believe in free speech, and is trying to undermine the norms of democracy.”

Statements made by de Blasio and others indicate that the left smells blood in the water, and is now eyeing mainstream outlets such as Fox News, as well.

This is what happens when radical leftist censorship begins – a domino effect that ends with any dissension being banned.

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