Opportunist Hillary Jumps on the “LeBron Anti-Trump Bandwagon”

NBA star LeBron James has, for the duration of President Trump’s time in the White House, seemingly gone out of his way to attack Trump at any and all opportunities.

During a recent interview with CNN, LeBron and host Don Lemon – who is, himself, known for his negative feelings towards the president – continued to take shots at the administration.

After the segment, President Trump took to Twitter, firing back against Lemon, who he called “the dumbest man on television,” and noted that he “made LeBron look smart,” which the president said was “hard to do.”

Trump’s comment caused social media to erupt with comments, as conservatives pointed out James’ unwarranted history of attacks against the president, while liberals sided with LeBron, and made accusations of racism.

Hillary Clinton, although notably late to “the party,” also chimed in, and while avoiding any direct mentioning of President Trump or his statement, she did praise LeBron, stating “We need more like him in this world.”

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