THE LIST: Walk of Fame “Stars” Liberals Do NOT Want Removed Show Their Hypocrisy!

In the two years since the election of President Trump, liberal protesters have destroyed his Hollywood Walk of Fame star twice, and made “pilgrimages” to the area to deface and vandalize the star.

After its most recent destruction, the Hollywood City Council voted to remove the star – an act which proved to be largely symbolic, as it is deemed a Historical Landmark, and protected from removal.

That hasn’t stopped some in Hollywood from demanding its removal, however, including Mark Hamill of the “Star Wars” franchise, who suggested replacing it with a star to honor his late co-star, Carrie Fisher.

Interestingly enough, as several conservative pundits pointed out, numerous other celebrity stars on the Walk of Fame haven’t been contested, despite Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and a litany of others being proven to have committed heinous acts.

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