Trump Just Sent Iran a Strong Message They Aren’t Going to Forget!

For decades, the once-free people of Iran have suffered under a brutal and oppressive regime, which, throughout that time period, maintained a hostile relationship with the United States and its allies.

Despite numerous threats, human rights violations, and being directly linked to state-sponsored terrorism, Iran was courted heavily by the Obama administration, whose widely panned “Iran Deal” has gone on to live in infamy among conservatives.

One of President Trump’s first acts after securing the White House in 2016 was to withdraw the US from his predecessor’s nuclear deal with Iran – a move which elicited harsh rhetoric from the country’s regime, which threatened war with the US in response.

Over the weekend, the president mentioned Iran and its economy, stating that he was willing to meet with Iranian officials, but adding, “it doesn’t matter – it is up to them!”

After further tough talk between the two nations, the Trump administration reinstated sanctions on Monday, which had previously been lifted under Obama’s nuclear deal, with the intent of sending Iranian leadership a message.

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