We have a Winner! Prediction Markets Show Clear Winner in Ohio Special Election

With 85% reporting, Republicans were nervous as Democrat Danny O’Connor led by 0.1 percentage points, or 155 votes, over Troy Balderson.

However, moments later, with 89% reporting, Balderson took a critical lead.

The Prediction betting markets of PredictIt have now solidified for Balderson.

NY Times analyst Nate Cohn has predicted Balderson will win as well.

Editor’s update: The prediction markets have solidified even further for Balderson now that Franklin county has no more votes and the remaining votes will all be coming out of right leaning Delaware county.


The Drudge Report has called the race for Balderson.

Update: 100% of votes have been counted other than provisional ballots.

Troy Balderson leads by 0.9 percentage points, or 1,754 votes, over Danny O’Connor with 100 percent of precincts fully reporting.

Update: Decision Desk has confirmed all precincts have been reported.

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