Well, Well, Look How Much TAXPAYERS Have to Pay for LeBron’s “Charity” School

For the duration of President Trump’s term in office, a multitude of celebrities and athletes have made frequent negative comments and criticisms of his policies, and have mocked and derided him during interviews, much to the delight of their Trump-hating, liberal fanbase.

NBA star LeBron James has proven to be no different, and, after having made disparaging remarks about the president for some time, earned the direct scorn of Trump himself, who recently slammed James after a CNN interview.

Almost immediately, dozens of openly anti-Trump athletes, Hollywood denizens, and left-leaning pundits rushed to defend “King James,” and cited his work within the community, specifically his involvement with creating a new school in Akron.

However, despite the high-profile promotions and endorsements, LeBron’s new school is actually set to cost taxpayers much more than he, himself, will be paying, and is set to cost approximately $8 million annually.

From DailyWire

Trump critic and NBA superstar LeBron James’ new public school will cost taxpayers approximately four times more than his foundation will donate to the school per year, a new report says.

James, who recently joined the Los Angeles Lakers, was widely praised for his efforts and donations in opening up a new school to help disadvantaged kids. However, the Daily Mail reports:

Once the school is established, it will cost the district approximately $8 million to run. The costs will mostly be covered by moving teachers, students and funds from other schools, according to the district.

James’ foundation will contribute $2 million per year once the school is fully functioning with all eight grades in session.

“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” district spokesman Mark Williamson said. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”

James’ “I Promise” school is expected to be “finished by 2022 with first through eighth grades.”

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