What Trump Did When He Saw a War Hero in the Crowd is Breaking the Internet!

Saturday night, President Trump spoke at a rally in Delaware County, Ohio, for Congressional hopeful Troy Balderson.

The president slammed Balderson’s opponent, Democrat Danny O’Connor, who he accused of being “a puppet of Nancy Pelosi,” and stated that “A vote for Danny boy and the Democrats is a vote to let criminals and drugs pour into our country.”

“If you want to have a border, if you want to stop the radical Pelosi and Maxine Waters agenda, there’s only one choice in this election. That vote’s for Troy Balderson,” said Trump.

However, one special moment from the rally stood out, and that was when President Trump noticed a man in an “Army” t-shirt holding a salute.

Upon noticing the man saluting him, the president quickly snapped into a salute, as well, much to the crowd’s delight.


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