You Won’t Believe Who Rosie is Blaming Now for the “Rise of Trump”

Rosie O’Donnell has never been a fan of President Trump, going back long before he entered the political arena – in fact, the two have frequently taken shots at each other in media interviews for years.

After Trump’s 2016 victory and subsequent rise to become the 45th US President, Rosie joined throngs of other left-wing Hollywood personalities in loudly and relentlessly calling for his impeachment, and has focused the majority of her time in the pursuit of this goal.

On Monday, Rosie organized a protest outside the White House, which was complete with musicians, singers, and other performers – however, President Trump wasn’t home, and the event was largely seen as an effort in futility.

The protest’s lack of traction didn’t stop Rosie from slamming President Trump in a series of interviews, including one in which she harshly condemned “Celebrity Apprentice” creator Mark Burnett for “creating a false narrative” around Trump.

In her interview with The Hill, O’Donnell called the president “a joke,” and “a laughing stock,” and blamed the media, stating “the man is not what he says to be, or what the media allows him to portray himself as.”

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