5 No-No Things You Should Never Do When Pursuing a Divorce

 When it’s time to pursue a divorce, you need to appreciate that it’s time to take a different course in life. A divorce can be easy if you hire a Seattle divorce lawyer and co-operate through the process.

Co-operate during the process? Tension and stress levels escalate during a divorce process. Many couples become irrational and compromise the success rate of the process or shoot their foot while at it.

  1. Don’t get in the family way

Pursuing a divorce while heavy with a child can complicate your life and delay the court process. It can also hinder your right to get a divorce in a court of law.

Judges are human and can refuse to divorce you based on the state of your unborn child. Others may argue that your unborn child may not have the financial support from the father. Additionally, custody issues of the unborn baby can further complicate the case.

  1. Don’t forget to change your will

It is imperative to update your will to prevent your former spouse from accessing your property and other assets granted to them. Typically, a divorce does not revoke the power in a written will.

 If a spouse dies before changing the will and a divorce process in the court, the other spouse can recover your estate. Talk to your divorce lawyer about your assets and estate issues once on the first appointment with the attorney.

  1. Don’t dismiss collaborative divorce or mediation

A divorce process is an emotionally-draining period. You may need to consider hiring the services of a divorce therapist or a life coach to help you accept and adjust your life.

You can also opt to use a divorce mediator. A mediator is a go-between professional to help the two parties reach an agreement. During the divorce process, tensions are high, and the last person you want to see is your ex-spouse. A mediator negotiates for the two of you to get the most appropriate share.

  1. Do not bed your lawyer

Going through a divorce makes you feel defenseless and vulnerable. Therefore, it is easy to get attached to the one person on your side. Never sleep with your lawyer because it can blur your judgment and delay healing.

Some state laws prohibit sexual relations between a divorce attorney and the client. Further, you can complicate your reasons for divorce to involve infidelity. If you want to pursue a love relationship with your attorney, it is critical to do it much later after the case is filed and the divorce granted.

  1. Don’t lash it out on your children

Children receive the brunt a divorce process. Children may assume it’s their fault that their parents are divorcing. It is also critical to appreciate that a divorce process is stressful. Your children may demand answers that can drive you mad. Talking to your children may help them provide a conducive atmosphere for the divorce.

 Hire a seasoned divorce attorney to facilitate the process on your behalf. You also need to do your part to keep your interest ahead of you.

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