Five Ways to Work Smarter in College

The saying ‘work smarter, not harder’ is one that can be very easily applied in college. Navigating through college is already hard enough as it is, so it is important to find ways to save time and eliminate extra steps or hurdles when you can. This can relate to taking notes, studying, or even writing essays (hint: hire a professional to write your custom essay). If you are looking for tips on how to make your life much easier while you’re in college, you’re in the right place.

  1. Make a To Do List the Night Before

Procrastination is your worst enemy when you’re in college. While in the moment it might seem easier to put things off until the last minute, it will only come back to bite you in the butt in the future. Rather than stressing yourself out about assignments due the following day, make a to-do list the night before your classes start that details small tasks you need to get done no later than the next day. This will help you stay organized and on track to completing everything you need to do in a timely manner.

  1. Use a Recorder to Take Notes

If you don’t have a recorder, you can simply use your phone or even your laptop. Many people have a hard time multitasking, so naturally, taking notes while simultaneously paying attention to what your instructor is saying may not be feasible for some. Instead of trying to write down every word coming out of your professor’s mouth, bring along a recording device with you to record the lecture.  Then, when you get home, you can play back the lecture and take notes at your own pace.

  1. Hire an Essay Writing Service

You don’t necessarily have to do this for all of your essays, but if you find yourself in a bit of a time crunch or simply don’t have time to write your essays yourself, hire an essay writing service to do it for you. These services are typically offered by academic professionals who are skilled in just about every subject under the sun and can write you a custom essay in exchange for a small fee. This will in turn give you more time to work on other assignments that may be looming over you or study for an upcoming test.

  1. Take a Break

This may seem counterproductive, but it’s something you need to do every once in a while if you want to prevent yourself from having a nervous breakdown. If you try and study while you are already burnt out, you won’t actually be retaining any information and will find yourself simply rereading the same paragraph over and over again for 10 minutes before you even realize it. Set aside time throughout the week to catch your breath—whether it be by watching a few episodes of your favourite shows or taking a short nap before getting back to it.

  1. Talk to Your Teachers and Classmates

There’s nothing worse than struggling to make up notes after missing a class. That’s why getting to know your fellow classmates and your teachers is a smart idea. Rather than panic messaging your entire class asking for notes, you can simply reach your instructor during their office hours and ask for a recap, or text a classmate for their notes. It’s as simple as that! You are saving yourself a lot of stress and time and all you needed to do was have a conversation with the person sitting next to you.

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