How Can You Find the Most Suitable China Sourcing Agent for You?

China is now one of the main countries in the world for manufacturing all kinds of goods in the field of consumer and industrial world.

Also, the Chinese government has supported the industries by developing a superior infrastructure that has enabled many new businesses to conduct business internationally.

However, for a new businessman particularly those who are from Europe or the USA, it will be very difficult to deal with any Chinese company due to language and cultural barriers.

Only a Chinese buying agent can bridge this gap, these agents are usually fluent in both English and Mandarin language, which is commonly spoken all over China. They are also well aware of the industrial environment of the country.

So, let us discuss in this small article, how you can find a suitable Chinese buying agent who can meet all your expectations. The following are a few things that you must check on your buying agent in China.

  1. Check the business license

In China, no one can do any business without having a valid license. Therefore, during your very first discussion, you must ensure that the agent is having the right valid business license.

  1. Check his experience and area of specialization

It is very important that your buying agent must be knowledgeable about the product that you are interested in, so that he can do proper justice to his service. Make sure that he has enough experience on this product.

  1. Ask for a reference

You must always ask for a reference and a good agent will readily provide that. You must call at least a few of the references and get comprehensive info on his professionalism.

  1. Confirm his language skills

You must check your language skills both in English and also Mandarin language. He should not only speak well but also write equally well in both languages.

Also, confirm that his subordinates are also well-versed in both English and Mandarin.

  1. How is his communication skill

Besides language skills, it is also important to check his communication skills. Can he convey the message clearly so that the other person also has the same understanding that he wants to convey?

  1. Check his location

It is important to know his location and preferably he must be placed quite near to the factory with whom you are going to do business. This will help you to get a quick response from your Chinese buying agent.

  1. Be aware of his network

Your agent must have a wide network so that he can quickly gather information regarding the other suppliers of your product in case any need arises.

  1. Check his transparency

It is very essential that your sourcing agent is transparent enough. As an example, every agent takes certain kickbacks from the suppliers, which is a known secret. Your agent must be transparent enough to declare that.

  1. How he deals with quality issues

Quality is one of the biggest issues while dealing with Chinese suppliers. However, you must give a patient hearing from your agent, how he is going to handle this issue to your entire satisfaction.

  1. Ensure that he has good business ethics

Besides being transparent it is also worth exploring the ethics of your agent. If you ever sense that the agent has no ethics then don’t hire him.


A Chinese buying agent is a key person in the success of your business in China, as he is familiar with the local culture and norms and is also an expert in his area.

You must ensure that he is the right person to deal with the products that you are interested in and also vibes well with you. A trusted buying agent in China can be a great asset for you.

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