How Sapphire Coastal Adventures will exhilarate the whole family

It’s nearly lunchtime on Saturday, and you are looking forward to making the day of your family. Last night you went for a drink with an old friend who has given you a fantastic idea of somewhere to head for a week away.

You wanted somewhere that will interest your teen son and daughter, as well as you and your wife. The NSW town of Merimbula looks stunning, and now you have checked out you just know that you will have an amazing time.

Fun for All

The company offers trips that will appeal to all the family, providing fresh air and adventure, so heading out in a boat off the Sapphire Coast will be perfect for you. An ocean wildlife adventure tour looks just as amazing as your mate described, as a 2 hour voyage will offer an exhilarating experience along the spectacular coast. You will get to see the headlands and several of the beaches, which might inspire you for further exploration.

Whale watching sounds amazing, with your chosen location the perfect place to view the epic Humpback Whale annual migration as those incredible creatures can be seen feeding in the waters off the Sapphire Coast. You are guaranteed 100% a sighting which will be an experience that will live with you forever more.

Fishing charters as welcome everyone from advanced from beginners are catered for. The nearby reefs are stocked with fish such as snapper, sand flathead, and nannygai all the year round waiting for you to challenge yourself to snaffle some for your evening meal.


The boat trips get close and personal to wildlife and nature along the coast and in the ocean. Forget visiting aquariums when you can see the real thing in their natural environment, an amazing way to make that video will be the envy of your friends.


You will learn so much on each of the trips offered by Sapphire Coastal Adventures, whether it be learning how to fish and the different species, as well as seeing at first hand how whales feed as a pod. It is a wonderful way to see and educate yourselves all about the different seabirds, dolphins, and seals, all of which you are likely to come across.

All in the hands of experts

You will love the adventures off the coast using the best vessels and equipment while being given help and advice by seasoned professionals.

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