How To Make ALED Screens Outdoor For Your Next Event

Whether you’re throwing a backyard cookout, throwing a family game night, or planning an outdoor movie night with friends and family, you need to have the perfect set of side dishes for your next event. Side dishes are often overlooked at traditional get-togethers but they can make or break a meal. You don’t always want to focus on the food when you’re hosting an outdoor party; visuals are just as important.

If you have an outdoor movie night, consider adding some cool side dish LED screens to add some ambiance and lighting at your next event. If not, most side dishes will work just fine! Keep reading to discover how to make an outdoor LED screen for your next function.

What Can You Put On An Outdoor LED Screen?


When it comes to LED screens outdoor, there are many options. You can choose from pre-installed LED plates, pre-cut pieces of fabric, or fabric that can be sewn together. If you’re going with the fabric option, it’s important to select a lightweight fabric that will hold up under the weight of the food and guests. The fabric should be able to stretch a little but be able to fold back on itself without tearing.

How To Make An Outdoor LED Screen For Your Next Function


If you’re making your own outdoor led screen, the first thing you’ll want to do is find a location for it. Ideally, you’d want a spot where you can see the stars at night and has some level of privacy. If you’re planning on using the screen all year round, you can opt for the permanent type and purchase a suitable location. If not, an outdoor screen that you can take down when the party is over is ideal.

Next, find a way to attach the screen to the wall. If you’re using the pre-fab fabric, it’s probably a good idea to use a contrasting color so the screen doesn’t look too dinky next to the wall.The final thing to consider is how you’re going to light up the screen.

How To Light Up An Outdoor LED Screen


Once you’ve selected the right lights for the job, it’s time to put them to use. The first thing to keep in mind is that your lights need to be placed as close to the food as possible without shining directly onto it. This is to prevent any discoloration of the food.

Also, avoid placing lights directly above or below the food as this will cast dark shadows on the plate and make it difficult to see what’s underneath.

Final Words


An outdoor LED screen is the perfect addition to any backyard, backyard party, or family gathering. It can be used for several functions, from a simple backyard cookout to a more formal outdoor event.

If you have an upcoming family event, a wedding, or a party at work that you’d like to theme around, consider adding a few lighted screens to add a little atmosphere and brightness to the room.With just a few simple modifications and you’ll have a great outdoor screen, ready to light up your event!

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