The Features And Functions of Cable Reels

Cable reels are an essential part of maintaining high voltage electrical equipment and delivering direct replacement for higher current rating cabling. Cable reels offer a proprietary sliding contact assembly and up to a 50% reduction in rebuild cycles for customers. These barriers and these organizational tools can be an excellent way to keep electrical equipment safe and to prevent accidents within operation. Barriers to market for competitors in these cable reels include a lack of MSHA approval as well as development time and cost. The functions and features for these cable reels provide the best in attention for your organization. If you’re currently using aftermarket reels, you can introduce this style of safety cable reel to receive a greater safety rating as well as reduce the rebuild cycle in all of your equipment.

Cable reels work to organize the cables that you have throughout your organization. Rather than having loose cables or the issue of cables potentially fraying, you can have a system which is properly safeguarded and monitored. All of the cable reels we produce are designed for high grade electrical components and with the safety features that are required for the protection of large scale electrical projects. We can get you up and running with a cable reel which is designed to keep your components safe and to preserve the equipment that you have on hand. With our assistance we can deliver a 50% reduction in your rebuild cycle as well as a system that is going to keep your devices safe and functioning to their fullest.

If you would like to learn more about the strength features and the benefits of installing our cable reels with your electronics, contact us today to find out about our product specifications.

This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at For nearly a half a century, Becker Mining has been at the forefront of mine power systems. Becker/SMC is the industry’s leader in increasingly more sophisticated electrical control systems. Most of the major innovations, design features and specialized electrical components have been developed by Becker/SMC.

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