Your Guide to the Very Best Wedding Venue There Is

While we all love weddings, one has to admit that arranging such an event can seem like a daunting task, and when you actually start creating lists within lists, you realise the enormity of the task. So, what is the secret to a perfect wedding? Well, aside from the bride and groom, it is your choice of venue that is the key to the smooth running of the event from start to finish, and with that in mind, here are a few essential amenities and services to look for in a wedding venue.

  • Totally Client-Focused – Everyone has their own idea about the perfect wedding party, and with an established wedding venue that has all the resources, there’s very little they cannot do. Take wedding venues in Sydney, for example, where many couples decide to go Victorian, to make the best use of the superb Victorian garden and architecture. They can do the red carpet and white linen setting, and they always have a wet weather plan in place, just in case, and basically, they will design the party around you and your guests, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Elegant Architecture – Let’s face it, you only get married once and it should be an all-out occasion, so when searching online for potential wedding venues, avoid anything modern in design, as it simply doesn’t work with a traditional wedding.
  • The Small Things – Allowing the bride to spend half an hour in the exotic and elegant venue prior to the ceremony would certainly calm her nerves, and some venues will happily cater for your needs, whatever they may be. Live music on arrival really does set the ambience, and some venues can supply the evening’s entertainment, should it be required, while serving champagne from the beginning is another professional touch.
  • Top Notch Ballroom Floor – Now this is an absolute must, as everyone will want to dance at some stage, so you need a venue that can comfortably cater for your numbers. The venue would no doubt have a top-quality sound system, or could accommodate your DJ, should you wish to bring in your own people, and with a general ‘can do’ attitude, it is easy to arrange the wedding party to your liking.
  • Unlimited Beverage Packages – Some venues do offer an unlimited package that includes soft drinks, snacks, beer and wine, and if you take such a package, you won’t have to worry about a mounting tab. The ideal venue would be happy to go with your idea regarding drinks, and, of course, the food – they would have a 5-star menu with a fully equipped kitchen.
  • In-House Wedding Planner – Once you have found a venue that has their own event planning team, you can relax; simply tell them what you want, and if you are lacking inspiration, they can make some suggestions.

If you are lucky enough to find a wedding venue that has all of the above, your worries are over, and make sure to book quickly, while that date is still available.

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