Best Premium Swimming Pool Roof Designs To Fit Your Needs

Looking to enhance the beauty of your swimmers? The choice is as vast as the options available. From modern to traditional, modern to traditional, you have a large choice when it comes to choosing a swimming pool roof design. However, choosing the right design can be difficult.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 best premium swimming pool roof designs that will suit your needs. After all, the best swimming pool roofs are the ones that fit your needs. So, let’s get started.

Swimming Pool Roof Composite Overlap

If you’re looking for a pool roof design that features a seamless design, then the pool roof composite overlap is for you. This type of design means that the top and bottom of the roof overlap exactly. Thus, water from the pool flows smoothly between these two surfaces. This type of design is very difficult to distinguish from an authentic shingle roof.

However, it does come with one major disadvantage; cracking. As the asphalt in this type of roof is softer than that on a shingle roof, it’s more likely to crack. This type of roof also requires a more complex installation.

Swimming Pool Roof Dual Membrane

If you’re on the lookout for a pool roof design with a more authentic shingle-like look, but still prefer the benefits of a membrane roof, then the swimming pool roof dual membrane is for you. This type of roof features a membrane that curves around the exterior of the pool to create a shingle-like finish. While it does have the benefit of being smoother than a shingle roof, it also comes with a major disadvantage.

This type of roof requires a high-quality membrane and specialized tools to install. Additionally, the water flow inside the pool won’t be as efficient as with a smooth roof. If you want your pool to be as smooth as glass, but with the added benefits of a more authentic shingle roof, then this is the roof for you.

Swimming Pool Roof Double Curtain

If you’re looking for a pool roof design that sits above a swimming pool but is visible from far away, then the swimming pool roof double curtain is perfect for you. This design features two curtaining panels that hang in the air of the pool. The panels are made up of a fabric that’s meant to be durable, but they don’t provide a waterproof barrier.

Swimming Pool Roof Roll-up

Pool roof design that you could be looking for that’s less intrusive than a triple curtain or a shingle roof, but still has the benefit of protection from the sun, the swimming pool roof roll-up is for you.

This design features an opening at the top of the roof that’s filled with downspouts that channel water away from the pool.While it may not be as durable as a shingle roof, it’s much easier to roll up and transport.


The best pool roof designs are the ones that fit your pool and roof design. After all, it’s not just the roof that adds value to your pool; it’s the aesthetic appeal, the functionality, and the life cycle of your pool that get impacted by a great pool roof design. With that in mind, here are our top 5 best premium swimming pool roof designs.

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